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I always smile when I hear someone talk about the “new” Urban Farming Movement. The truth is…there has been urban farming as long as there have been cities. For most of human history, food had to be produced close to home. We are realizing that this “Factory Food” isn’t good for us or our fragile world. Many want to revive the ancient practice of raising their own food, but many skills have been lost. It is our mission, to help those who want to regain this knowledge. Let us help you combine the old with the new and build something better than both! We believe it is not grand gestures, but the small things that will save our world.
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Sherry Willis – Practicality Princess and Livestock Guru


Tony Vargo – Chief Dreamer and Builder Extraordinaire

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I had some troubles getting started with growing Fodder. Sherry answered every question (even the silly ones) right away. Business hours don't apply to them.
~ Allan
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