An Old Idea Becomes New
I always smile when I hear someone talk about the “new” Urban Farming Movement.  The truth is…there has been urban farming as long as there have been cities.  For most of human history, food had to be produced close to home.  It is only in the last 100 years or so that the technology and infrastructure has been in place to allow us to regularly eat foods from 1000 or more miles away.  This has given rise to a whole new system where food is created in factories and shipped to us in neat little packages.  This food is very different from anything made at home and your great-grandmother probably wouldn’t recognize most of it.
Times, as they always do, are changing.  We are realizing that this “Factory Food” isn’t good for us or our fragile world.  Many are thinking about beginning the ancient practice of raising their own food, but many skills have been lost.  It is our mission, through the miracle of modern communication, to help those who want to regain this knowledge.  Let us combine the old with the new and build something better than both!
We Cannot Go Back....
While it might be tempting to think fondly of "the good old days" when pioneer homesteaders bravely set out to tame the wild lands of the West.  Yet this was a harsh, brutal life, where many died and more failed.  Everything that was to be done was accomplished by human or animal power.  Today we think nothing of driving 10 miles, a work of mere minutes.  Such a journey was at best a very long day and more likely two long days pulling a loaded wagon there and back.  We have become so accustomed to our Fossil Fuel driven slaves, that we have no concept of life without them.  I believe this time is ending, but that does not mean we have to go back.  While we have definitely misused and become highly dependant on this power, not everything that has come for it should be discarded.  It is up to us to sort the wheat from the chaff and keep what is good and useful, not just for the priveledged few, but for all of us.  Half-Pint Homestead is an attempt to weave both worlds into a happy, healthy whole.
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  1. Roses
  2. Lemon Cucumber
    Lemon Cucumber
  3. Gogi Berry Flower
    Gogi Berry Flower
  4. Arctic Kiwi Vines
    Arctic Kiwi Vines
  5. Crocus in Spring
    Crocus in Spring
  6. WeeHavyn
  7. PVC Milk Stand
    PVC Milk Stand
  8. WeeHavyn
  9. Kitchen Window
    Kitchen Window
  10. Fresh Eggs
    Fresh Eggs
  11. RoundTop Rabbit Cage
    RoundTop Rabbit Cage
  12. Garden Barrel
    Garden Barrel
  13. GunniGarden
  14. Umbrella Clothes Line
    Umbrella Clothes Line