Posted by on May 18, 2016

Spring has come in earnest to southern Missouri.  The trees have donned their emerald robes adorned with honeysuckle that perfumes the air with such rich sweetness one can almost taste it.  The little death of winter has gone and life bursts forth from every corner.  We have certainly had our share of life on the Homestead the last few weeks.  Rosie had a beautiful doeling we named Petunia and one of our hens hatched 13 baby chicks.

The chicks were a bit of a surprise.  Oh, we knew the hen was setting, but somehow we never thought anything much would come from it.  We weren’t terribly organized about the whole thing which resulted in chicks hatching over an almost two week stretch.  Of the 14 eggs we let her keep, 13 tiny yellow chicks survived the struggle from the safe confines of the egg to a much larger, more dangerous, world.

Just how dangerous one chick discovered today at the cost of it’s life.  This adventurous chick wandered away from siblings into a place where mother hen could not follow.  In a flash, a neighborhood cat, who would not have dared mother hen’s wrath, had it in her jaws.  By the time the chick was retrieved, it was too late.  The wee chick had become a part of the cycle of life and death that turns for all of us.

Life with livestock must turn one into a philosopher……


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